LAFCo - Lending for African Farming Company

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Description of the Project : 

LAFCo provides loans to agricultural SMEs throughout sub-Saharan Africa that work directly with smallholder farmers, with a primary focus on businesses that advance local and regional food security. They endeavors to serve the day-to-day working capital needs of agricultural businesses, particularly those operating in staple food crop value chains.

Innpact contribution :

Innpact actively collaborated with the initiating partners in the set-up and implementation phase of LAFCo as a Mauritius-based GBL1 Investment Company. Innpact has further been mandated to continue its support to LAFCo and Root Capital as Company Consultant

  • Name: Lending for African Farming Company
  • Inception : 2015
  • Initiators : KfW Development Bank, AgDevCo
  • Company Manager : Root Capital, Cambridge, USA
  • Sector : Agriculture
  • Geographic Focus : Sub-Saharan Africa
  • End‐Beneficiaries : Agricultural enterprises
  • Financial Instruments : Debt instruments
  • Type : Debt Fund
  • Info :

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