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ICFA - Luxembourg ICFA - Luxembourg
ICFA - Luxembourg

The International Climate Finance Accelerator supports innovative and impactful fund managers in setting up their first time climate finance fund. After having actively participated in the design and setting up the ICFA, Innpact coordinates and manages the initiative as the Accelerator Agent.

CI Ventures CI Ventures
CI Ventures

Conservation International (CI) Ventures is an investment fund that provides loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises that operate in the forests, oceans and grasslands where CI works.

Green Climate Fund Green Climate Fund
Green Climate Fund

The aim of the Green Climate Fund is to strike an adequate balance between climate mitigation and climate adaptation finance.

Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Fund Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Fund
Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Fund

With an initial target size of US$300 million, the LDN Fund is a first-of-its-kind investment vehicle leveraging public money to raise private capital for sustainable land management and landscape restoration activities worldwide that contribute to the achievement of land degradation neutrality.

&Green &Green

The mission of the &Green fund is to prove that financing inclusive, sustainable and deforestation-free commodity production can be commercially viable and replicable. Innpact has supported IDH in the whole design, structuring and incorporation process of the Fund and provide ongoing support as a fund management advisor. 

Impact Finance Fund Impact Finance Fund
Impact Finance Fund

Impact Finance is a Swiss-based investment advisor founded in 2010. It's vision is that private banking will progressively go back to financing the real economy and be accountable for its impact on the environment and the population. Its mission is to build a solid and sustainable model of asset management to accompany in their growth leading SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) generating positive social and environmental impact.

Eco-Business Fund Eco-Business Fund
Eco-Business Fund

The eco.business Fund is a joint initiative of investors’ intent on supporting the promotion of business and consumption practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation to its impacts.