AATIF - Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund



Description of the Project : 

The Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund is dedicated to uplifting Africa's agricultural potential. The Fund aims to improve food security and provide additional employment and income to farmers, entrepreneurs and labourers alike by investing patiently and responsibly in efficient local value chains.

Innpact contribution :

After structuring the Fund, Innpact has stayed on, providing a broad range of support services to the Board of Directors; keeping up with the continuously evolving regulatory environment and ensuring that the Fund applies the best corporate governance practices, so the Board can focus on achieving AATIF’s goals.

  • Name : Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund
  • Inception : 2011
  • Initiators : KfW on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Corporation and Development
  • Investment Manager : Deutsche Bank
  • Sector : Agriculture
  • Geographic Focus : Africa
  • Target Financial Intermediaries : The Fund provides capital directly to companies and indirectly via intermediary investment companies and financial institutions
  • Indirect Investments : Local financial institutions or other intermediaries
  • End‐Beneficiaries : natural or legal persons and notably comprise entrepreneurs, agribusiness companies, producer cooperatives, small, medium and large sized farmers, export-oriented producers in the agricultural, manufacturing and services sectors and their respective employees
  • Financial Instruments : Any type of debt instruments, including credit guarantees; and/or Equity.
  • Non‐Financial Services :Technical assistance facility, managed by the Common Fund for Commodities
  • Outstanding portfolio : USD 131m
  • Type : Mixed Fund
  • Info : www.aatif.lu


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